About Us

Our history

Seagift Food Pte Ltd started operations in 2000 by building on the extensive experience of its founder in the frozen seafood business.  

We are cost-effective

Since 2002, we have focused on developing innovative and high quality frozen value-added products to meet the emerging needs of our food service and retail consumers.  Our broad spectrum of frozen seafood products allows consumers to enjoy seafood, including seasonal items, all year round. The countries where Seagift’s products are manufactured have lower labour and land costs compared to those in Singapore.  Moreover with highly efficient production methods and continuing research and development, we further increase our cost savings which we are able to pass on to our customers.

Our customers

Our customers include restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, cafes, caterers, hospitals, canteens, clubs, schools, ship chandlers and wholesalers. Besides forging close relationships with our B2B customers, we also serve our retail consumers through an online sales platform as well as a cash-and-carry counter for our walk-in customers.

Seagift has established a niche for itself in the frozen seafood business, emphasising on value-added products which are ‘ready-to-cook’.  These products are a great advantage to food establishments where labour shortage makes food preparation increasingly difficult. Moreover, as Seagift’s products can be cooked without defrosting, food establishments can cook just the amount to be served and hence avoid wastage.

The company’s ‘ready-to-cook’ products also help busy working people who value convenience and time-saving processes.  Instead of preparing food from scratch, consumers can save time using the ‘ready-to-cook’ products that Seagift provides, and spend their time more usefully in other pursuits.  

Quality Control

Seagift’s overseas manufacturers are HACCP certified seafood processors and abide by a set of stringent food safety measures consistent with best international practices. Seagift’s products are also HALAL certified. Through extensive testing and continual research and development, Seagift, together with its manufacturers, is able to provide customers with quality products at competitive prices.


We are a well-capitalised and financially stable company.  We own our office premises, cold-room and refrigerated fleet of vehicles.  

Corporate Social Responsibility

In September 2016, the NUS-Seagift Merit Scholarship was set up for NUS's Food Science and Technology students who require some financial help.