About us

Seagift Food Pte Ltd started operations in 2000 through the extensive experience of its founder in the frozen seafood business. As a reliable distributor, we source and supply quality products for distribution to various market segments which include restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, cafes, caterers, hospitals, canteens, clubs, institutions, and wholesalers.


Over the years, we have grown and established a niche in the frozen seafood business. We carry a broad spectrum of frozen seafood products which allows consumers to enjoy any seafood all year round.  By leveraging on lower labour and land costs in overseas, we are able to achieve higher cost savings which can be passed on to our customers.


Seagift focuses on value-added products which are ‘ready-to-cook’.  These products are a great advantage to food establishments where labour shortage makes food preparation increasingly difficult.  Moreover, our products can be cooked without defrosting which provides convenience and time-saving. Customers can also cook just the amount to be served and hence avoid wastage.


We always strive to ensure we supply high quality and safe food products to our customers. Our unremitting efforts towards food safety compliance has also awarded us ‘A’ grade by Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).


Today, we continue to invest in extensive testing and continual research and development with our manufacturers with the key aim of providing our customers with quality products at competitive prices and developing innovative, high quality frozen ‘ready-to-cook’ value-added products to meet the emerging needs and expectations of our consumers. 

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