Our Customers

We serve both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) customers which allows anyone to easily access to our products.

B2B customers

Our B2B customers include restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, cafes, caterers, hospitals, canteens, clubs, institutions, and wholesalers.

Seagift has established a niche for itself in the frozen seafood business, emphasising on value-added products which are ‘ready-to-cook’.  These products are a great advantage to food establishments where labour shortage makes food preparation increasingly difficult.  Moreover, as Seagift’s products can be cooked without defrosting, food establishments can cook just the amount to be served and hence avoid wastage.


B2C customers 

Meanwhile, we serve our B2C consumers through our website and cash-and-carry counter for our walk-in customers.

Seagift’s ‘ready-to-cook’ products help busy working people who value convenience and time-saving processes.  Instead of preparing food from scratch, consumers can save time using our ‘ready-to-cook’ products. This allows them to spend more of their time in other pursuits.  

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