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Frozen is the new fresh and demand for frozen products have been on the rise in recent years.

Frozen does not require additional preservatives and it helps to maintain the nutritional quality of the food. Vitamin and minerals are locked in through quick freezing method, while proteins, fats and fat-soluble vitamin are unaffected during the freezing process.

A study by the University of Georgia in 2013, found that frozen and fresh foods were nutritionally similar at the same time of purchase. However, the fresh product had lower nutritional quality compared to the frozen product after keeping in the fridge for 5 days.

Without freezing, enzymatic and microbiological reactions can occur favourably on the food product. This is because ambient temperature is optimal for the growth of a variety of bacteria and mould, and reactions for food spoilage can occur faster.


frozen prawn

The reactions that can take place on fresh food products may result in nutrient losses during transportation and storage, which may lead to reduction of products quality and freshness as compared to when they were just harvested. Harvested food can be frozen almost immediately, meaning that the freshness of the product at the time of harvest can be maintained until it reaches the consumers plate. Freezing ensures that the product quality is maintained for as long as possible while preserves majority of the nutrients, so that customers can reap the benefits.


Seagift preserves and retains the natural flavour, freshness and nutritional value of seafood, by using superior quick freezing technology. Quick freezing technology involves rapidly lowering the internal product temperature to at least -35°C. When seafood is frozen and stored at sufficiently low temperatures, bacterial growth is arrested, thereby preserving the product and substantially extending its shelf life.

Frozen seafood

Without being affected by the seasonal change, Seagift products are a great solution for everyone, especially health conscious individuals. Thanks to our superior quick freezing technology, not only can our customers indulge in safe and quality seafood products at their convenience, they can also minimise their preparation time as no thawing required. This translate to less mess and less food wastage

Seafood contains vital nutrients necessary for health and wellness at all ages, therefore it is recommended to include at least one seafood meal per week in your diet.

Freezing makes seafood accessible to everyone, every-day and anywhere, providing our dear customers with peace of mind and satisfaction.